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As one of the leading finance and leasing companies in Sri Lanka, Vallibel Finance has identified the need for tailor-made financial solutions. With this in mind, we have introduced a range of customized leasing  facilities to accommodate a wide range of assets and business sectors, offering competitive leasing rates.

By catering to all business segments, including Corporates, SME’s, Self-Employed, Professionals and Executives, we have established ourselves as the primary Leasing Company in Sri Lanka. Our leasing solutions provide customized repayment packages that extend beyond the traditional realms of leasing along with attractive leasing rates and are redesigned to adhere to your unique financial requirements.

Why do you need to obtain your leasing from us

  • Leasing for registered and un-registered vehicles
  • No hidden charges
  • Attractive leasing rates
  • Leasing facilities to upgrade/change your vehicle during the tenure of facility
  • Varied repayment plans to match your cash flows
  • Financial advisory to suit your budget

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(+94) 11 4 393 100 | (+94) 71 8 724 008

Date of incorporation: 5th September 1974 Licensed by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011 |
Credit Rating : BBB Stable Outlook Moody's ICRA | Reg.No : PB 526/PQ

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